Books: Take Back Our Party, Economism, 13 Bankers, White House Burning. Professor, @UConnLaw. Chair, @southerncenter. Co-founder, @Guidewire_PandC.

Foreign investment from countries with human rights concerns raises questions over fans’ complicity and the price of success.

In 1994, I lived in Paris, on a small side street with an Afghan café on the corner, near Denfert-Rochereau. On August 10, PSG played a match against a Hungarian team from Vác in the qualifying round of the Champions League. The cheapest tickets were in the two ends (virages)

Although people are still dying of Covid-19 in large numbers, we seem to have decided that the pandemic is over.

Sometimes it’s easy to tell when something ends and something else begins. On January 20, 2017, Barack Obama’s tenure as president ended and Donald Trump’s began. Other times, however, it’s hard to tell. When did the medieval era end and when did the modern era begin in Europe? …

James Kwak

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